Papa Dio’s Catering

Our catering menu starts at just $12.99 per person if you pick up. Call us for more info.

Let us Cater
Papa Dio’s Italian Restaurant
10712 North May Ave OKC 73120


These prices are pick up only … Delivery, setup, servers, bartending, alcoholic beverages and complete place settings available at an additional charge.

Featured Pasta Special

Baked Penne Pasta with thick red sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. A crisp garden salad with tomatoes and black olives served with Papa Dio’s famous Italian dressing (on the side), hot rolls and butter.
$12.99 per person (10 or more)
(Add meat sauce $1.50 per person)

Appetizers: 10 or more people all priced per person

Bruschetta: $2.50

Fried Cheese Sticks: $2.50

Pizza Bread: $2.25

Fried Zucchini $ 2.50

Fried Mushrooms$ 2.50

Toasted Ravioli $2.50

Combination appetizer: Fried Cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, and ravioli $6.99

Soup and Salad: 10 or more people all priced per person

Minestrone $2.99

Garden Salad (Head lettuce, tomatoes, black olives) $ 3.99

Papa Dio’s famous Papa Salad $4.25

Caesar Salad $4.50

Caesar Salad with Chicken breast $7.25

Entrees: All Ala Carte, 10 or more people all priced per person

Baked Penne with melted mozzarella cheese:

Thick red sauce (no Meat) $7.99

Meat sauce $8.50

Tortellini: (Cheese filled)

Thick red sauce (no meat) $8.50

Meat Sauce $9.99

Alfredo Sauce $10.99

Trieste Sauce $11.99

Ravioli: (Meat or Cheese) each

Thick red sauce $2.75

Meat Sauce $3.25

Manicotti: (Cheese) each

Thick red sauce $4.99

Meat Sauce $5.25

Lasagne: Priced per person

Cheese $8.99

Meat Sauce $10.99

Thick red Sauce and sliced Sausage $11.99

Thick red Sauce spinach, onion, mushroom $11.99

Thick red Sauce with Chicken $11.99

Chicken Breast: (1/4 lb. portion) priced per person

Parmigiana (red sauce and melted mozz cheese) $9.99

Picatta or Marsala (lemon, butter sauce) $11.99

Alfredo with Fettuccini pasta $13.99

Veal: (5oz portion)

Veal steak parmigiana with red sauce and cheese $9.99

Veal Picatta or Marsala (butter, lemon sauce) $19.99

Shrimp: (5oz pasta and shrimp)

Shrimp Marinara (Broiled shrimp over penne pasta with marinara sauce) $19.99

Shrimp Cacciatore (shrimp, onions, peppers & mushrooms w/ marinara & penne) $19.99

Shrimp Pompeii (Shrimp, butter and lemon sauce with penne pasta) $19.99

Deserts: Minimum 10

Mini Cannoli $2.49 each

Large Cannoli $3.99

Tiramisu $6.99

Chocolate Cake $8.00


Hot rolls and butter $1.25 per person

Meatballs with red sauce $1.89 each

Mild 1/4 lb link Italian sausage $2.99 each

Paper service (plates, utensils, napkins, paper cups) $1.99 per person

We also offer an on-site bar with wine and mixed drinks!

Optional Charges:

Delivery in Disposable containers: $2 per person min $40 within 5 miles. $2 per mile after

Chaffin Dishes with delivery, set up and pick up $3 per person min $50 within 5 miles. $2 per mile after


One for 2 hours min $125

Two for 2 hours min $199